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Starting 1PM. I'm not grilling unless someone brings me something to grill, so suffer. Eat lunch before coming over and we'll order pizza or takeout or something for dinner later.

Sunday, October 19 approaches

Unless there are any objections, let's shoot for 1PM. I'm loaded with Yakitate Japan episodes as well as other goodies like Soul Caliber IV or card/board games. October 19 is also the release date of Rock Band 2.

The issues with the wireless network interference on the N band are sorted, so that's no longer a concern. We can watch pretty much any file, HD or otherwise, if you bring it on some sort of media (USB drive, DVDRW, whatever) that I can read and transfer to my media server. 1-3 minutes to refresh the media library after copying it to the server and we're in business.

Notable recent DVD acquisitions that may interest people are Black Lagoon, Macross (well maybe only Jose would be interested in this one), Ergo Proxy (again possibly only Jose would be interested), and Le Chevalier D'Eon. It may be time for another weekend marathon soon. Also, Samurai 7 has been pre-ordered on Blu-Ray for early December. I look forward to watching an anime TV series in real HD instead of some heavily compressed file.
Tanya's contract will have her working until at least 5PM but she'll be home by 530PM. With the Rachel/Chris wedding that afternoon, I probably won't be home until around 630PM. I'll fire up the grill as soon as I get home and have meat ready shortly after that. In honor of the wedding earlier in the day there will be some sort of chicken available (I can sense Chris cheering from here). Beyond that I don't know yet.

Bring a side, snack or drinks if you don't want whatever we provide in those three categories, which will probably be filtered water and not much else. Other than any candy the trick or treaters leave by the time that's all done, I guess.

Staying up late is not a problem since Halloween is a Friday this year. I don't work the next day, and church for All Saints Day won't be until mid afternoon.

Cancelling, Sorry

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry but I've been up all night battling a sickness I'm sure the rest of you don't want, so we're not having DHOS today.

Again I'm really sorry.
At my house from noon until whenever folks leave. Call or drop me a note if you need the address. I've decided to grill chicken/beef fajitas AND a couple of pork tenderloins. Tanya may or may not melt cheese and provide chips. And I may or may not bake some chocolate chip cookies. Depends how much we feel like violating our diet. Probably a lot in my case :)

I'll have the good cheer part covered. It's been a good year, and next year looks to be even better.

Cancellation; NO Meeting Tomorrow

I don't want to go anywhere because I'm lazy and I want to enjoy my day off sleeping and stuff.

Plus we're already having a party on Saturday the 22nd at Ken's, so why bother having a meeting as well.

Amy agreed, so the meeting for Dec is canceled. Stay home. Sleep instead.

Forums, Halloween

The forums have not had any new posts since August 8th. Due to sporadic influxes of spambot registrations and my laziness on modding the board to prevent them, I do not wish to maintain the forums any longer. May we please move the forums or remove them altogether?

Are we having a Halloween party this year? I have been assuming such though I haven't spoken to Amy about it. I had hoped to have it on the Saturday before Halloween. Ken has told me he and Tanya already have plans that day. I could host it at my place on Saturday, but I don't have much space. Any other ideas or would you all prefer to have it on Sunday or on Halloween night itself?
My place, doing whatever. No anime in mind, no games in mind, no food in mind... not even a start time in mind yet. Let me know if you need my address or directions, and respond if you're coming so there's at least an approximate head count for making food decisions later this week.

Now speaking of food, time to hunt for tonight's kill.


Since no one showed up, We went home.

Better luck next month, eh?